Monte Weston Internet Database Solutions

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Domain Transfers (+1 year ext.)$12.95/domainBuy Now
Domain Registration$14.95/year Buy Now
Hosting + 5 emails, cheap$9.95/month Buy Now
Hosting with ASP support + 5 emails$19.95/month Buy Now
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Advanced Hosting and Email$var/month
Basic Website (up to 5 pages)$1000.00/site Pay Now
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Mid-Level Website$var/site Pay Now
Advanced Website$var/site Pay Now
Graphics Design$100/hour
HTML Programming$50.00/hour
Java Programming$75.00/hour
E-Commerce Programming$75.00/hour
PHP Programming$75.00/hour
SQL Programming$100.00/hour
Q-Sys Programming$150.00/hour
Lua Programming$200.00/hour
Service Agreement Level 1$50.00/month Subscribe
Service Agreement Level 2$100.00/month Subscribe
Service Agreement Level 3$200.00/month Subscribe
Service Agreement Level 4$300.00/month Subscribe
Service Agreement Level 5$500.00/month Subscribe
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